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Do you have a small business and your HR department is taking care of all the small details for your employees? Do you need ideas and guidance on how to sustain morale? Do you need help developing career development for your employees? What about leadership growth and succession planning?

Change is hard. Truth Speaks Organizational Development (O.D.) consulting can help you with creating and implementing custom-built programs for your employees so your business can thrive.

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Start-up Business
Are you looking to start a small business or be a solopreneur? We have helped many start on this path. Let’s chat about what your desires are and how we can help you achieve them. Start-up business consulting. Schedule your first consultation for only 100$ flat fee.

Here is what an I/O Psychologist can do for your company:

-Training and Development and Design

-Assessments (administration, creation, and debriefing)

-Coaching on all levels (Leadership to individual contributor) in many areas (Leadership, Career, Life, Positive Psychology)

-Organizational Development interventions (OD)

-Statistical Data Analysis

-Team Development

Do you need help in any of these areas? Here is how an I/O Psychologist can help:

1. To diagnose low morale

2. To develop a well-being training program

3. To develop a leadership development and succession program

4. Start a coaching program

5. For guidance through a major change such as a merger or acquisition

6. To pretest potential employees for selection

7. To teach soft-skills

8. To administer an assessment to the organization

9. To research a company for gaps and how to improve customer service

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