The Truth Speaks Group, LLC

We create strategies and solutions for work-life integration/ Harmony “WLI/H”

About Truth Speaks

Creating Work Life Harmony is our brand promise.

Founded by Marla J. Albertie in 2013, Truth Speaks Group, LLC (TSG) is a multi-media coaching company that helps woman integrate their lives and delivers resources for working women to create work-life harmony (WLH) and not work life balance in her life.

#TeachTrainEducate #Learn


The TruthSpeaks philos of coaching is Strategic Empathetic, Unscripted, Questioning (S.E.U.Q.).  We can guide you on this great journey of life. 


 Need an employee develop plan (EDP) created? Are your employees not engaged? Our Industrial and Organizational consulting can help. 


Yes, we strongly believe in the power of personal growth. Our motto is #TeachTrainEducate. The more you learn the more you can earn.


See what our clients have to say about us

Anonymous, Florida

“Thanks to the exceptional life coaching with Marla,
I was able to focus my goals into very succinct steps
and work towards what I really wanted- a new


“Thank you so much for recreating my resume. It
looks nothing like what I submitted to you, yet it is
professional and perfect”.

Training Client

“Training was great and engaging. We need a part

T. Woods

“I’m taking just one class a semester to keep my life sane so it will take me four years overall, but I’m determined to finish. It’s the best change I’ve made since working with you. Thank you for helping guide me to it.”