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Jacksonville, FL, USA

©2016 by Truth Speaks Group, LLC.


Various Trainings developed and presented on Interviewing Skills, Goals (Goal Busters), Resume, Career Generalization, and Motivation methodologies. We are your one stop shop for training and development.


As a Career Coach we guide people to find the best career fit by creating professional resumes. Resume offers include: Transition, career change, and college graduate. See our Resume Agreement for more details. These are now only offered as special requests.


Coaching, evaluations, career path development, life and personal development, and interviewing skills. We are ready to assist you on the path to success for your career. See our Coaching Packet


Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

Thank you so much for recreating my resume. It looks nothing like what I submitted to you, yet it is professional and perfect. I am now confident and ready to go apply for jobs in my field.Thank you for being professional and for providing good career advice to me. No one had ever taken the time out with me to explain certain things that I should know in the corporate world. I will make sure to spread the word about Truth Speaks!

From M.G.

Marla is a terrific business coach! I recently started my own business and needed some guidance on how to market myself and handle social media. I felt that there was an interruption in these areas of business simply because I lacked knowledge. I'm so grateful that I reached out to her about my career. She provided quick and practical solutions that actually worked. Marla is an AWESOME encourager as well! She made me feel confident that I can do this and have what it takes to build a successful business. I put her advice into practice and have received more clients because of it! I would recommend Marla's services for anyone who needs help with his/her career! As soon as you're finished reading this...call her! :)

From F. J.

I came to you because I felt that you would be honest and upfront with me and help me in the best way possible. I think you have a great ability to read people. I think you know how to push people just the right amount to get them to realize their potential. You can say the hard stuff and make people really analyze the situation. I benefitted from the coaching sessions and conversations we had. Even when I didn’t want to give in at the time, once I thought on your suggestions, I realized it was the best option to move forward with.

From K. G.


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