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#1 new release in the Inner Child and journaling categories! 

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Can you imagine all the things you like, love, and adore in one book?All your favorites captured at one time with space to write more.

So, why did I write this book? How often do we brag about ourselves, take time to think about what makes us happy, or do the things we like? If I had to guess, not as often as you would like.

This book has been on my heart for years and I am finally getting it out to the world. You deserve to brag about yourself, so why not? Not only is this a bragging book, but it is a book of ideas you can use to start your next project, business, career move, or anything your heart desires.

So how does it work? Each topic/list has a “number” to reach because the goal is to get you to stretch your thinking. Need more space? Don’t worry, there are extra lines per number so you can add more and there are extra pages in the back of the book for you to create your own.

Ready to start bragging?

Have fun!

#1 new release in the Inner Child and journaling categories! 

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